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Greeting Cards, Twitter, Customization- It's All Here.

Insert Animating Emoticons as you type; customizable font sizes and colors; editable background colors; custom emoticon artwork; greeting cards- Smiley Mail is the ultimate customizable iOS messaging app!

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Send a Smile- Your Smile

Choose your font, choose your color, choose your background color, choose from thousands of animating emoticons- choose you! Smiley mail gives you over 1500 animating emoticons and infinite possibilities and customization options.  Better yet, you can save your customizations as templates to use again and again.  What you can make is only limited by your imagination.

See creations made with Smiley Mail!

Use Your Images
Photos, Downloads, More
Don't like our emoticons?  Created some of your own you'd like to use?  Found something you like on the internet?  No problem! Use images from your photo library, your camera, the internet, other apps- anywhere!  Our unique Paste Folder feature lets you save up to 150 of your own images from any source to Smiley Mail for quick future use! Smiley Mail let's you use your images to create YOUR unique message!
Edit as you Type
Everything at your Fingertips
Some apps let you insert one emoticon and then you're done.  No way to insert another, or there's a clunky interface to wade through. Not Smiley Mail! Fonts, colors, emoticons- they're all at your fingertips.  With our custom-designed editor and emoticon keyboard, you can change fonts, change background colors, insert pictures and animating emoticons without ever leaving your message.
Custom Greeting Cards
Send Something Special
There are some occasions when a simple email just won't do.  In fact, a recycled, overused greeting card won't do either.  Send a special someone something special on their special day with a custom-designed greeting card by you! With over 1500 custom-designed icons, Smiley Mail includes all kinds of emoticons and greeting banner images for any occasion- birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Halloween, and more always being added! We make it easy to make your own creations in minutes with our emoticon keyboard and custom toolbar.  Once you've created your custom greeting, save it as a template to make another greeting card in seconds!
Go Social
We play nice with everyone
Whether your friends are using an Android, an iPhone, Gmail, a Japanese phone, or even Twitter, we've done thorough testing to ensure that your message displays just as you intend.  Go social, we play nice with everyone too.
World Class Support
Get and Give Help
Have a question?  Have a problem?  Have a suggestion?  Check the support section of our website for solutions to any problems that you have.  We update the support section regularly with commonly encountered problems and  we look at these problems as a way to improve our application.  If we don't have the answer you're looking for, email us and we'll promptly respond to you.  We even take any suggestions you have for additional features or future icon packs.  We're always looking to improve our product for our users.  We don't try to hide from our users or hide our email address.  In fact, it's right here:
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Check out our website
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